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The Mexican War of Independence

On September 16, 1810, Father Miguel Hidalgo kicked off the War of Independence with his famous "Cry of Dolores." The struggle would take over a decade and cost thousands of lives, but in the end, Mexicans would throw off the chains that bound them to Spain.

Biography of Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla
Mexico's movement for independence from Spain was kicked off by an unlikely figure: Father Miguel Hidalgo, a parish priest and theologian well into his fifties. Hidalgo raised an army and took it to the very gates of Mexico City, but was eventually betrayed, captured and executed by Royalist forces. Still, he is remembered today by Mexicans as the Father of their Country.

Mexican Independence: The Cry of Dolores
On September 16, 1810, unlikely revolutionary Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, village priest of the town of Dolores, rang the church bell and exhorted his congregation to join him in taking up arms to drive the Spanish out of Mexico. This speech became known as "el Grito de Dolores" or "the Cry of Dolores" and it launched Mexico's War of Independence.

The Battle of Calderon Bridge
In January of 1811, Mexican rebels under Miguel Hidalgo and Ignacio Allende were on the run from royalist forces. Picking advantageous ground, they prepared to defend the Calderon Bridge which leads into Guadalajara. Could the rebels hold out against the smaller but better trained and equipped Spanish Army?

Mexican Independence: Biography of Ignacio Allende
Ignacio Allende was a Mexican cavalry captain and an early fighter for Mexican Independence. He was present at the famous "Cry of Dolores" and fought with Father Miguel Hidalgo before both men were betrayed, captured and executed in 1811.

Mexico's War For Independence: the Battle of Monte de las Cruces
In late October of 1810, Father Miguel Hidalgo led an angry mob of close to 80,000 poor Mexicans towards Mexico City. The residents of the city were terrified. Every available royalist soldier was sent out to meet Hidalgo's army, and on October 30 the two armies met at Monte de las Cruces. Would arms and discipline prevail over numbers and rage?

Mexican Independence - The Siege of Guanajuato
On September 28, 1810, an angry mass of Mexican insurgents led by Father Miguel Hidalgo descended on the hapless mining city of Guanajuato. The Spaniards in the city quickly organized a defense, fortifying the public granary. The mob of thousands was not to be denied, however, and after a five-hour siege the granary was overrun and all inside massacred.

Battles of Mexico's Independence From Spain
Mexico's Independence from Spain came at a high cost. Thousands of Mexicans lost their lives fighting both for and against the Spanish between 1810 and 1821. Ultimately, patriot heroism at these legendary battles secured Mexico's Independence.

Jose Maria Morelos
Jose Maria Morelos (1765-1815) was an important leader during Mexico's struggle for independence from Spain. A dogged, crafty military leader, he kept the revolution alive when the Spanish sent mighty armies to subdue the rebellions region.

Biography of Nicolas Bravo
Nicolas Bravo (1786-1854) was a Mexican soldier and conservative politician who was prominent in his nation during the period of time from Independence to the Mexican-American War.

Mexican Independence from Spain - The Hidalgo Era, 1810-1811
Mexico's war of Independence from Spain is best described in stages. The first phase of the conflict lasted for only a few months, from late 1810 to early 1811, when Father Miguel Hidalgo struck the first blows against Spanish colonialism.

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