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Pirate Treasure

Pirates loved gold doubloons, but they rarely got their hands on any. What treasure did pirates really get?

The Golden Age of Piracy
Latin American History Spotlight10

Assassinated Leaders of Latin America

The history of Latin America is a long and bloody one, riddled with conflicts, wars and massacres. It is no surprise, then, that many important leaders in Latin America wound up in the sights of assassins.

Biography of Carlos Fuldner

Carlos Fuldner was an Argentine-German spy and smuggler who helped fugitive Nazis escape to Argentina after World War Two.

Chapultepec Castle and Mexico’s National History Museum

History buffs visiting Mexico City will not want to miss Chapultepec Castle, home of Mexico's National History Museum and a historical site in its own right.

Quito's City Museum

Quito's City Museum - El Museo de la Ciudad - is a must--see for history buffs visiting Ecuador.

Juan Domingo Peron and Argentina's Nazis

The link between Argentine president Juan Domingo Peron and the Nazi refugees who flooded Argentina after World War two has long been suspected. Recent research has proven that Peron not only allowed them to come, but welcomed them with open arms.

The Battles of the Mexican-American War

La Venta Complex A

The Battle of Pichincha

The Hanging of William Kidd

The Capture of Adolf Eichmann

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