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Christopher Columbus' Four Voyages to the New World

Christopher Columbus’ most famous voyage took place in 1492, when he discovered previously unknown lands to the west of Europe: the Americas. After that, he returned to Spain, and was commissioned to return with a larger fleet. All in all, he made four journeys to the New World, each of which is important and interesting in its own way.

The Truth About Christopher Columbus
In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered lands previously unknown to Europeans. Since then, his image has had its ups and downs. Some think he was a brave hero, and he was nominated for sainthood at one point. Others think he was a monster who brought slavery and disease to the New World. What's the truth about Christopher Columbus?

What should kids be taught about Christopher Columbus?
To some, Christopher Columbus was a brave explorer. To others, he was a monster and slaver. In school, kids have traditionally been taught that he was a hero, but many people don't agree with that. What should our kids be taught about Columbus?

Biography of Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus was the greatest explorer of his age: for centuries he was thought to have been the first to discover America. He was a complex man, however, who failed as often as he succeeded. Although his morals were questionable -- he wanted to send American slaves to Europe -- his fortitude, courage and sailing skill were unquestionable.

The First New World Voyage of Christopher Columbus (1492)
Christopher Columbus may have been looking for a new trade route to Asia when he set out in 1492, but he discovered something far more important. Columbus made several stops on his monumental first voyage, including the present-day Bahamas, Cuba and Hispaniola.

The Second Voyage of Christopher Columbus
After his historic 1492 voyage, Columbus was sent back to the New World in 1493 with seventeen ships and over 1,000 men. His orders: create a permanent colony, explore the region, and find gold.

The Third Voyage of Christopher Columbus
In 1498 Christopher Columbus returned for a third trip to the New World, bearing supplies for colonists and still searching for a passage to the markets of the orient. He found discontent, disease, and by 1500 he found himself en route back to Spain...only this time, he was in chains.

The Fourth New World Voyage of Christopher Columbus
Ten years after his monumental voyage of discovery, much had changed for Christopher Columbus. He had gone back twice, and each time the trip ended in disaster. Still, the fifty-something adventurer and explorer felt he had one more trip in him. He convinced some investors and set off one last time in 1502.

Ten Facts About Christopher Columbus
When it comes to Christopher Columbus, most famous of the explorers of the Age of Discovery, it's hard to separate truth from myth, and fact from legend. Here are ten things that maybe you didn't already know about Christopher Columbus and his four legendary voyages.

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