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Photos of the Mexican Revolution

Memorable Images from a Nation at War, 1910-1920


The Mexican Revolution (1910-1920) broke out at the dawn of modern photography, and as such is one of the first conflicts to have been documented by photographers and photojournalists. One of Mexico's greatest photographers, Agustin Casasola, took some memorable images of the conflict, some of which are reproduced here. Click through to see the men, women and battles of the Mexican Revolution.
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Federal Troops in 1913Emiliano ZapataVenustiano CarranzaThe Death of Emiliano Zapata
The rebel army of Pascual Orozco in 1912Francisco Madero enters Cuernavaca in 1911Francisco Madero in 1911Federal Troops in Action
Felipe Angeles and other commanders of the Division del NortePancho Villa cries at the tomb of Francisco I. MaderoZapatistas entrenched in a cornfieldGenerals Huerta, Rábago and Tellez after the Second Battle of Rellano

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