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Latin American History: Brazil

Brazil is unique in many ways. Latin America's largest nation is also the only one to speak Portuguese as its official language. The fact that it was the Portuguese, and not the Spanish, who colonized Brazil had a profound effect on its history.

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Brazil's Progressive President
Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is the current President of Brazil. He is a leftist with many centrist positions and is a respected leader in South American politics. Under his leadership, Brazil has reduced poverty and increased exports. He is set to leave office in 2011.

Biography of Juscelino Kubitschek
Juscelino Kubitschek was President of Brazil from 1956 to 1961. His administration was marked by great prosperity and the construction of Brasilia, the national capital.

The History of São Paulo
São Paulo, Brazil, is the largest city in Latin America, edging out runner-up Mexico City by a couple million inhabitants. It has a long and interesting history, including serving as home base for the infamous bandeirantes.

The Ten Most Influential Latin Americans in History
Latin America has had its share of leaders, but these ten people have made a difference not only in their home country, but in the world.

Biography of Franz Stangl
Franz Stangl was an Austrian Nazi war criminal who oversaw the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Jews at the Treblinka death camp. After World War Two, he hid out in Brazil until his arrest in 1967. He was sent to Germany, tried and sentenced to life in prison.

Brazil: Facts and Maps
Maps and facts about Brazil from the CIA factbook.

Brasilia, Capital of Brazil
A description of Brasilia, capital of Brazil.

Empress Maria Leopoldina of Brazil
Maria Leopoldina was a European Archduchess and the daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor. In 1817 she married Pedro of the House of Braganza, who would later become the first Emperor of Brazil. The people of Brazil loved her and she was a dedicated wife to Pedro, but she died young in 1826.

Dom Pedro I, First Emperor of Brazil
Dom Pedro I was Emperor of Brazil for about nine years and even served briefly as King of Portugal. He is mostly remembered for declaring Brazil independent from Portugal and serving as its first ruler.

Emperor Pedro II of Brazil
Pedro II, Emperor of Brazil, ruled his nation for 58 years, showing a mature, steady hand during difficult times. Although he was eventually deposed by Brazilians who wanted a republic, Pedro II himself was almost universally respected.

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