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Latin American History: People and Leaders

The History of Latin America is full of fascinating people: dictators, madmen, rebels, statesmen, conquistadors, emperors, writers, poets and more. Who made a difference in the first 500 years or so in Latin America?
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Biography of Manuel Piar, Hero of Venezuelan Independence
General Manuel Piar was an important leader in Venezuela's struggle for independence from Spain. Although he was a skilled general and efficient recruiter, Simon Bolivar ordered him tried and executed for insubordination in 1817.

Francisco de Miranda, Precursor of Latin American Independence
Francisco de Miranda (1750-1816) was a Venezuelan patriot, adventurer and general who made important contributions early in Latin America's struggle for independence from Spain.

Most Impressive Facial Hair in the History of Latin America
Fidel Castro may have the most famous beard in the Caribbean, but he was not the first Latin American historical figure to have a signature look involving facial hair. The list is long and distinguished and includes Pablo Escobar, Venustiano Carranza and many more.

Biography of Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar was the greatest Colombian drug lord, whose Medellín cartel once controlled 80% of the cocaine shipped illegally into the United States. Although his personal fortune reached into the billions, his crimes eventually caught up with him and he was killed in a dramatic raid by Colombian security forces in 1993.

The Ten Most Influential Latin Americans in History
Latin America has had its share of leaders, but these ten people have made a difference not only in their home country, but in the world.

Facts of Latin American History
Here you'll find facts about famous figures in Latin American history, such as Miguel Hidalgo, Blackbeard, Pancho Villa and more!

Controversial People in Latin American History
Many leaders of Latin America were controversial in their time, and some still are many years since their death. Here are some of Latin America's more controversial leaders and the debates they inspire.

Assassinated Leaders of Latin America
The history of Latin America is a long and bloody one, riddled with conflicts, wars and massacres. It is no surprise, then, that many important leaders in Latin America wound up in the sights of assassins.

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