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Historic Cities of Latin America

Have you ever visited a city founded by Christopher Columbus?


The cities of Latin America are old, and their histories never disappoint. Founded by conquistadors, attacked by pirates, razed by wars, home to dictators, idealists and madmen, these great cities are well worth a visit, or at least a click!

1. The History of San Juan, Puerto Rico

Photo by Alessandro Cai
San Juan has come full circle: early on, it was an important center for shipping and commerce, but with the rise of mainland cities it diminished, becoming a sleepy but charming backwater city. Today, it is once again a bustling commercial and economic center with a long and fascinating history.

2. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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Santo Domingo, the capitol of the Dominican Republic, is the longest continually inhabited European city in the Americas. It has a long and fascinating history, from pirate attacks to being renamed after a ruthless dictator!

3. The History of Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires, Argentina, has a long and fascinating history of wars, economic booms and busts, and art. Full of characters like Evita Perón, Juan Manuel de Rosas and Carlos Gardel, this important city has more than its fair share of historical drama.

4. The History of São Paulo

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São Paulo, Brazil, is the largest city in Latin America, edging out runner-up Mexico City by a couple million inhabitants. It has a long and interesting history, including serving as home base for the infamous bandeirantes.

5. The History of Antigua, Guatemala

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Founded by legendary conquistador Pedro de Alvarado, historic Antigua is one of Central America's most beautiful and beloved cities. Today, it is one of Guatemala's top visitor attractions.

6. The History of Quito

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Quito, Ecuador, is founded on an old Inca city. It has a lovely colonial center which is well-preserved and worth visiting.


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