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Chile's Independence Day: September 18, 1810
On September 18, 1810, Chile declared its independence from Spain. Sentiment for independence had been brewing for some time, and the final straw was ...
National History Museum (Museo Histórico Nacional) Santiago, Chile
Chile's National History museum is well worth a visit, as it contains a wealth of information and many priceless historical relics.
History of Chile's Marxist Revolutionary Group MIR
They primarily took their inspiration from the Cuban Revolution, which they hoped to replicate in Chile. They soon found some support in Santiago's poor and ...
Chile - South America Travel - About.com
Off the coast of Chile, way off the beaten track, the archipelago was once home to Alexander Selkirk, the Scottish castway who spent four years there and ...
Arica, Chile - South America Travel - About.com
Arica is Chile's northernmost city, a duty-free oasis and the gateway to archaeological and natural wonders in Lauca National Park, the geoglyphs at Putre, and ...
Chile's Lake District - South America Travel - About.com
Chile's Lake District is famous for its spectacular scenery of deep blue mountain lakes, snow-capped volcanos, pristine beauty of alerce (larch) forests, popular ...
Traveling to Vina del Mar, Chile - South America Travel - About.com
Attractions, things to do and see in Vina del Mar, Chile's premiere seaside resort include beaches, sunbathing, the Municipal Casino, lively nightlife, sports, ...
Geography and Map of Chile
Geography and maps of Chile.: cia factbook sound economic policies map of chile augusto pinochet inca rule.
Santiago de Chile - South America Travel - About.com
Santiago is Chile's cultural, commercial, industrial and political center. Growth over the lst decades has produced high rises, a large population (6 million), traffic  ...
The Beaches of Chile - An Overview
With 2580 miles (4300 km) from the northern border with Peru to the Strait of Magellan, Chile has a tremendously long coastline with wild and rocky cliffs, islands ...
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